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Financial Management

Company Formations & Business Start Up

It is important when considering setting up a new business to take advice on the format of that business. Options include sole trader, limited company and limited liability partnership.

We will discuss how these various formats may suit you. If a limited company or LLP is best for you, we can set that up for you and provide the appropriate advice on tax and reporting requirements.

Business & Tax Advice

We advise our clients on the most advantageous course of action. We can give guidance on how to minimise tax exposure in a totally ethical and legal manner.   A tax investigation is extremely serious and can disrupt the flow of your business even though it may not have been instigated as a result of any wrongdoing.

Incorrect tax returns, where mistakes have been entered onto a tax form can result in an investigation.


MGM Accountants work with specialists in dealing with tax investigation situations. We will react quickly and be pro-active throughout the process, saving our clients’ time, money and inconvenience.

Capital Gains Tax

We will advise you on your options where capital gains tax is concerned after selling or giving away an asset. You will learn whether or not you are liable for capital gains tax and if so, your annual exempt amount. MGM Accountants offer a capital gains tax advice service you can trust.

Inheritance Tax

You will only be liable for inheritance tax if the estate, assets held in trust and gifts are deemed higher than the current inheritance tax threshold.

There are many complexities to capital gains tax, which is why it pays to use MGM Accountants. Our sensitive handling of affairs in these types of circumstances is valued by our clients.

Construction Industry Scheme

Many people working in the construction industry access our service with regard to CIS rules for accounting for pay and tax. Construction Industry businesses such as builders, developers, plumbers, contractors, electricians, bricklayers, roofers, glaziers, carpenters, and many other trades  come within the boundaries of CIS tax.

Sometimes this includes landscaping and cleaning. Professional services like Surveyors and Architects are not included.

We organise verification of subcontractors with HMRC, CIS payment certificate and monthly submissions to HMRC. Deducted CIS tax is taken into account when preparing individual tax returns. Preparation of subcontractor company accounts and tax returns is also undertaken.